NOTICE: The legend which is Acorns & Merlot is taking a somewhat temporary hiatus. We thank you, our listeners - need we say lovers - for your support and your help in making us one of the most successful student podcasts/internet radio shows in the sphere we inhabit. In the mean time, should you feel compelled to find other internet means of entertainment, Lucian Wintrich can still be found on his blog at as can Marc Werner at

Hello Love,
A little bit of nature, a little bit of wine. Welcome to the Acorns & Merlot podcast, where we tackle the issues of most "non-gangsta" students and broadcast to you weekly from good old Pennsylvania. Acorns and Merlot: a student view-related podcast with a bit of music, humor, and wine (even though we are under the drinking age). Issues range from politics to fashion to our own tales of life. So crack open your finest bottle of merlot whilst sitting by the fire in your Appalachian ski resort, because this podcast could just change your life.

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